Let's go to the point: Math is possible!


Learn how the brain process Math!

Most people hate Math. Their emotions and memories are full of confusion and fear. The reasons are multiple, but at the core is a complete dissonance between how the brain process quantities and how we understand value. 

After more than 10 years of work done with a very distinctive population, our accumulated data is showing how simple principles in the presentation of Math to the public can revolutionize our understanding of the brain and the inner nature of numbers and how we can alter the emotional response to this field of science.  


How do we do it?

We when back a few thousand years to study the beginning of Math and review data from the latest neuroscience discoveries to understand the evolution of number theory and how our mind process quantity and value as nature intended: 

  • Decomposed the evolution of the number system and how we operate today with broken, diverse and entangle models.
  • Use the latest tools from data sciences, neuroscience, and AI to measure efficiency in models and instruction.
  • Unified and reduced algorithms to operate with ease all the way from basic instruction to more advanced processes. 
  • Apply principles of working memory and motivation to reduce the complexities of mathematical procedural thinking.
  • Create a strong feedback method that speed up the learning process and success. 


How can you do it?

Those who think education is easy, don't understand the scope of our work. Ask the right questions, apply workable ideas and learn how to measure success and failures. Learn to see beyond the bells and whistles of pre-made models that do NOT recognize the facts in your own situation. Learn to work with opposite ideas and find the solutions to the most difficult problems. Avoid the paradoxes that stop you from becoming part of the group of educators that had master their budget, valued their time, controlled their actions, and kept a clear view of their goals. We're ready when you're ready!


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