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You have the perfect plan. Everything looks ready for a successful year: you have listened to the best speakers, read the best books and implemented the perfect model. Then, nothing works, resistance overwhelms your best intentions as a new reality sets in: things are not going your way. If you ask yourself, what can I do to make it work? Contact us!

We are here to help you thwart unavoidable surprises and set you into a winning path. 

How do we do it?

How to persuade others to follow your ideas? By mastering complexity theory with multi-dimensional frameworks as the best techniques to overcome the harsh realities of working with people: 

  • Learn to recognize the illusion of validity from trending models and the natural biases in our thinking process.
  • Use the latest tools from data sciences, neuroscience, and AI.
  • Identify individual values and faults, instead of forcing scripted behavior or keep rebuilding teams ad nauseam. 
  • Apply principles of co-evolution to achieve your goals instead of living the cognitive dissonance between utopian models and reality.
  • Avoid the negatives aspects of chaos, while using the tangible gains that can come from it an escape the binary thinking that is hindering progress. 

How can you do it?

Those who think education is easy, don't understand the scope of our work. Ask the right questions, apply workable ideas and learn how to measure success and failures. Learn to see beyond the bells and whistles of pre-made models that do NOT recognize the facts in your own situation. Learn to work with opposite ideas and find the solutions to the most difficult problems. Avoid the paradoxes that stop you from becoming part of the group of educators that had master their budget, valued their time, controlled their actions, and kept a clear view of their goals. We're ready when you're ready!


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